About CSI

Cyber Secured India is formed to aware people about cyber crimes. This is a platform where we aware students, cops, companies about cyber crimes. We explain how crimes are committed. A layman using whats app, facebook, YouTube, Google through Smartphone, laptop, desktop or any other simple phone without internet can be a victim of cybercrime or can commit a cyber crime because of lack of awareness. We explain what the penalties are as per IT ACT for abusing, falsifying, threatening, searching porn, misbehaving on internet or mobile phone SMS.

As cyber crimes are growing day by day & India stands top 10 in cyber criminal activities as well Maharashtra State is leading in cyber crime all over India. It’s really shocking that youth are most leading into it. The reason behind it is lack of awareness about Information Technology Laws. As per report of some news papers, 10,709 cyber crimes are reported every month all over India. If we will not create awareness, this number will grow virally.

Till date we have trained more than 5000 people including school & college students, cops, SME’s, entrepreneurs.